Ground Breaking Success!

Crima Pogge, Kaya Mac Millen, Mitchell McCartney serving snacks

Time to reflect, and time to move forward. The Ground Breaking Ceremony was a wonderful success. We began the planting of our Historical Garden, connected with students, faculity and community members, and celebrated our Garden Grant award from the California Native Garden Foundation (CNGF).

Crima Pogge, Director of the Center for Habitat Restoration, poured hot tea while Lawrence & Kaya, the NPG Interns, served home baked and community donated food to hungry volunteers. As everyone toured the garden and got to know the stewardship team, Kaya broke the chatter to give a speech about the inspiration and history of the garden, followed by comments from Crima, Lawrence, and our visiting benefactor, Alrie Middlebrook.

NPG Welcomes CNGF & Fosters Partnership with ELSEE
Donations from California Native Garden Foundation

The California Native Garden Foundation brought over fifty plants! We were all able to roll up our sleeves and get our hands into the soil in the new garden. The plant donations and grant are a part of the 
Alrie Middlebrook presented CCSF with the rest of the Garden Grant- a check for $500 dollars to go towards signs and educational material for the gardens.

We are very excited to be partnering with the ELSEE (Environmental Laboratory for Sustainable and Ecological Education) project, which helps research and fund methods to integrate native and food plant gardening on school campuses around california.

Find out more about CNGF and ELSEE on their facebook page and website.

Thank You
Our donation drive has brought in nearly $400 dollars! This money will go directly to the procuring and planting of native species on campus. Thank you to everyone who was able to contribute.

Special thanks to Bill Wilson, a community member who showed up with camera in hand to help document the groundbreaking. Bill Wilson is president of Sunnyside Neighborhood Association and member of the Greening Committee that has been responsible for the maintenance and planting of new gardens along Circular, the road behind Batmale Hall that leads in to campus.

Check out his photos of the garden in our web album here, or visit www.billwilsonphotos.com to see more of his work.

Volunteers at work trying to beat the setting sun

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