The CCSF Native Plant Blog Blossoms Again!

It may have been almost two years since the previous posting, but our CCSF Native Plant Garden is still growing strong!  Each semester two students get together to assist on the maintenance and host workdays at the garden on the east side of the science building.  This Spring Semester we welcome Michael Case and Emily Fryer to the team.

A highlight of spring is when the Douglas iris (Iris douglasiana pictured above) are in bloom.  Though drought tolerant, the foliage does have a tendency to look shabby and brown during the summer, but the wait pays off with this intricate inflorescence.

I'm sure you're asking: "What kind of exciting activities do they have planned?"

Weeding and cleaning! Some pesky weeds have made their way into the beds, along with a lot of cigarette butts.  With the help of some biology students we were able to perform some routine maintenance to keep the beds looking fresh. 

Stay Tuned for volunteer opportunities and plant info!